How Dumb Does This Girl Who Got Nose Hair Extensions Actually Look? (Hint: Really Dumb)

Image Via Instagram

As far as we're concerned, 2017 has been cancelled due to f'in stupidity. It's just been one ridiculous beauty trend after the next and frankly, we don't know how women manage to keep up without hiding under their beds forever! If someone told us we needed to glitter our asses or squiggle our eyebrows, we'd be pissed!



Now this crock of sh-t has surfaced and we just can't take it anymore. Are these women smoking meth? Seriously, that has to be the only explanation for freakin' NOSE HAIR extensions. Please, take a look and then continue to join us afterward for further shame and scrutiny...



We recognize that it's more ridiculous to be this enraged over a beauty trend than the actual beauty trend itself, but enough is enough already! Pretty soon women are going to be walking around trying to paint our d*cks cheetah print because some Instagram beauty blogger did it to her boyfriend and she just loved it!

If you think we're kidding, please head to the #NoseHairExtension search page on Instagram. The numbers are starting to build, guys. Do yourselves a favor though, don't throw away the trimmers just yet. Knowing the current culture of beauty trends, women will be destroying something else by this time next week. Our best guess is either stringing raw beef in their hair or adhering shards of glass to their nails.


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