Bedroom Dry Spells: From Who's To Blame, How To Cope, And Everything In-Between

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We can all picture the scene in our heads—there's a couple laying in bed flicking through the channels hoping to land on something more entertaining than yet another Modern Family marathon. The man, presumably, starts to suggestively rub the woman's back. She's into for a minute, then she starts thinking about how early they have to be up in the morning and slowly eases away. This happens roughly every night for a month. Are they up shit's creek? Is the relationships as good as dead? Will there ever be like outside of masturbation for either of them??

We act like this situation is the worst thing in the world and that it could never possibly happen to us and our passionate, sex-fueled relationships, but guess what? It happens to everyone and there's not a whole lot you can do about it.

Sexual dry spells are as much apart of relationships as sex itself and the more you understand and accept them, the better off you'll be! Thanks to Online Doctor you can start learning today! This study specifically focused on the differences in dry spells between American men and women, as well as European men and women.

Some notable causes in dry spells included—Stress, lack of time, physical distance from partner, feelings of unattractiveness, and side effects of medication. Any of this sounding familiar??

Dry Spells & Relationships

Lag Between 'The Vag'

"It turns out, men and women who were either married or in a relationship had gone a week, on average, without sex. With having consensual sex regularly being both physically and mentally healthy, those with a significant other had the easiest and most frequent access when it came to knocking boots.

When looking at divorced and single people who participated in our survey, those who were single went two months since last copulating, and divorced participants averaged more than three years without sexual intimacy."

How Do People Cope?

"Masturbation was a popular pastime for men and women who experienced a dry spell. Over 60 percent of men and 42 percent of women pleasured themselves when pleasure wouldn’t come to them. Other key pastimes include exercising, sleeping, and binge-watching TV."

Lowered Expectations

"American women were the pickiest, though, with only 16 percent compromising their integrity, while 47 percent of American men weren’t opposed to a good romp, even if it meant expanding their opinions on a suitable partner."

The Blame Game

"Our study found European and American women were slightly more likely than men to blame themselves for a sexual dry spell. Over half of survey participants also felt sad when they weren’t having sex, and well over a third said they felt unattractive."

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