These Three Bedroom Positions Are The Most Likely To Break Your 'Manhood'

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Could you imagine a fate any worse than rolling around in the sheets with your girl, getting in position, making contact, then all of a sudden hearing a distinct, unmistakable, horrifying CRACK.

Don't think it's possible, huh? Well, think again! This story from Medical Daily about a very unlucky man from China may convince you otherwise:

"The 42-year-old man, identified by the surname "Dai", was rushed for emergency treatment at a local hospital before being transferred to Guangxi Minzu Hospital at 4 a.m. Doctors examined Dai's penis, which was bent and swollen at an angle, shaped like an eggplant. After a scan confirmed a penile fracture diagnosis, doctors performed the surgery to repair the fracture at 5:30 a.m., and he has been recovering at the hospital."

The words bent and swollen should never, EVER, be associated with any man's penis. The imagery is almost too much to bear. How does that happen? Is it common? Are there definitive ways of avoiding this senseless tragedy from happening to another man? You bet your unbroken penis there is!

"A study in Advances in Urology found the risk of breaking a penis varied among sex positions. Researchers analyzed data from 44 men who went to hospitals with suspected penile fractures — 42 were conformed — 28 were penile-vaginal — and found there were trends in sex acts that led to a broken penis."

Well this sure will be helpful! The only problem is, the further you continue to read, the more you're going to notice that there's a strong correlation between the best positions and the ones most likely to gravely injure your schmeckle.


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"Cowgirl or girl on top, was responsible for 14 of the 28 penile-vaginal sex cases. In this position, the woman controls movement with her body weight as she's on the erect penis, according to the researchers. Here, the man is unable to stop the penetration if it goes awry, compared to when he's controlling the movement, 'he has better chances of stopping the penetration,' wrote the researchers."


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"A man has a lot of control when it comes to 'doggy style', or taking a woman from behind. In this position, the man exerts a lot of power into his thrusts, which can take a wrong turn if he is not diligent. This position was responsible for 29 percent of injuries."


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"This straightforward sex position can also boost the risk of penile fracture. The man has control of the thrusts, but if he's too 'rigorous' during sex, it can cause the penis to snap. Missionary was responsible for 21 percent of broken penis cases."

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