Skip The Gym And Head To The Bedroom With These Calorie Burning Positions

^^ Who really wants to be that boring jogging couple??

I don't think there's much of a debate when it comes to whether more people would prefer sex to going to the gym. I mean, unless someone works at the gym, I can't really imagine an instance when physical exertion with no immediate gratification would be more appealing than an orgasm, but then again my idea of working out is walking from the train to my office every day, so my assumptions don't have a ton of basis in experience.

Perhaps blowing off steam at the gym is way better than blowing a lo....never mind, too graphic. Let me start over. Perhaps working out rivals all other stress relievers, sex included, and maybe that's okay! Who are we to judge? Life isn't all about sex, you know!

That being said, turns out sometimes you can combine the two. According to Fitness Magazine certain positions double amazingly as exercise! The best part is that a majority of the positions that work the most muscles and burn the most calories, happy to be those are considered the most popular among couples. Just be careful, you can break your penis with some of these. Sorry, just wanted to be really up front with ya'll.

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