A New Bedroom Toy Orders Pizza For You After Some Action (And The World Is Now A Better Place)

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Well, gentleman, it looks as if we've finally been replaced by new tech. To be fair, it's not as if women ever needed us for sexual gratification, but now that there's a vibrator that will order her pizza after orgasming? Yeah, men, who needs 'em? While we are a little sad, we're also a bit jealous. OK, more than a bit. That sounds like perfection. In fact, why the hell didn't we think of this?

The adult entertainment company "CamSoda" has officially introduced the “RubGrub". First thing's first, that's an amazing product name. Now, how does it work? Well, according to a press release, the device comes with an internet-connected button on one end that’s similar to the button on the Amazon Dash Wand, HuffPost explains.

Essentially, once a person sets up all of their information (payment, delivery, order), the RubGrub will connect to a pizza place nearby using API (application programming interface) software — which is just a fancy way of saying how two pieces of software interact/communicate.

At this time, the RubGrub is only able to order from Domino's, Vice President of CamSoda, Daryn Parker, anticipates that changing once the product becomes more popular. Pretty soon all of the major pizza chains are going to want to hop on the RubGrub train. Parker explains,

"Masturbation, while ultimately enjoyable, can be a strenuous physical activity during which an individual exerts a lot of energy and burns many calories. Inevitably, once someone has climaxed, they feel lethargic and hungry."

Well, he's certainly not wrong! While the "GrubRub" has officially been announced, it won't be available for purchase for a few months. The good news is that it will only cost you $19.95, pizza orders not included, sadly. Parker concluded, "Now, in order to enjoy your Saturday night, all you need is your RubGrub device. Get off and get stuffed, all with the quick click of a button.” Smart man, smart man indeed.

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