The Most Badass Beer Inventions We Could Find (And That'll Up Your Booze Game)

Image Via Brewers Association

According to my intense research (by way of opening my Google browser for 30-seconds) tomorrow is National Beer Lovers Day! You know what that means — it's time to once again use a make-believe social media holiday as an excuse to drink during the day...starting with your morning shower, of course. Ah, isn't 2017 such a wonderful time to be alive? Not really, but we'll run with it for the sake of this article. I mean, we're talking about beer here, people. This isn't a time to be glum! It's not like we're discussing Raspberry Smirnoff Vodka — I just threw up in my mouth thinking about it.



Moving forward, beer drinkers are nothing if not innovative. Why? Because the only thing better than drinking beer is finding BETTER ways to drink beer. Don't believe me? I have a slight suspicion that the 8 badass inventions below might change your mind. Between perusing Cool Material and Fine Dining Lovers we came across some items we would most definitely purchase for our beer drinking pleasure. We hope ya'll agree!



My Top 5 Beer Inventions Explained:

Slip Cup —

The Oak Bottle —

2-in-1 Beer Shot Glass —

The Chillsner —

MiniBrew —

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