Beer Goggles Are, In Fact, Real (According To Science)

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We've all been there before: drunk, on the verge of passing out alone in a corner, and just scoping out the room for whatever leftover ladies are still around to talk to. Do you really find them attractive, or is it the copious amounts of alcohol that's making you loosen up and have beer googles? According to science, it's the latter, because, yep, beer goggles are real!

New research from the University Hospital of Basel in Switzerland tested 60 men and women who either drank alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer, studying the behavior of both to determine what effect booze has on the mind. To no one's surprise, the ones who had the alcohol showed more of a desire to be with others after just one pint, with those alcoholic drinkers quicker to spot happy faces.

According to the New York Daily News, the alcoholic drinkers—especially women—showed a noticeable difference when it came to sex.

Beer goggles also made people — and especially women — less shy about sex. Both groups were shown sexually explicit images, and the more socially-lubricated sippers rated them as more pleasant than the subjects who didn’t get their drink on. The team suggested booze hits gals harder because they generally have a greater blood-alcohol concentration than guys do after chugging the same amount.

The study also showed that, just because a lady had booze in her, she wasn't any more aroused than the women without it, meaning that, no, a woman drinking beer still does not want to have sex with you anymore than a sober woman. So, yes, you're still going to have to actually, you know, talk to her.

So what's this mean? Well, if you ask me, it only validates your excuse to have a great time and to mingle with as many women as you want while drunk. But that's just me.

H/T New York Daily News