After A Guy Died From A Beer Pong Game, His Family Got Awarded A Crazy Amount Of Cash In A Lawsuit

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When in college — and, OK, maybe after graduating, too — I've been known to stir it up a little bit in beer pong, where I instantly prove that my lack of athleticism on a real basketball court can easily be replaced by burying ping pong balls into red Solo cups. And, while I'm no beer pong trick shot expert or anything, like this kid, I have been known to go on a crazy streak of made shots and victories.

And, look, a beer pong game can get super heated over difference in rules, the amount of sh-t-talking that goes on and, naturally, when players get drunker with each cup they have to slam down their throats. Unfortunately, one beer pong game got so out of hand that a full-on brawl broke out, causing a scary scene that ended with one of the guys falling from a fourth-story window of a house, causing him broken legs, a fractured skull and organ damage which, ultimately, led to his death — and his family was just rewarded $15.6 million following a lawsuit decision.

The victim was 24-year-old Salomon Martinez, who, during a game of beer pong against men named Kyle Gonzalez and Matthew Chandler, both 23 years old, was involved in a fight because he and his partner were accused of cheating. The players had bet a small $10 wager on the contest, and, after the cheating accusations, found themselves throwing bottles at one another, among other things.

According to LADbible, the incident took place on January 13, 2013 in Florida. Here are more details, via the aforementioned LADbible piece and police documents.

As the altercation got more heated, Martinez fled upstairs and locked himself in a child's bedroom, but Gonzalez broke down the door. One of the men was allegedly brandishing a knife. It is not known how, but in the ensuing fracas Salomon fell from the building and landed on the street below.

When police first came to the scene, none of the party attendees knew about Salomon Martinez falling. About an hour later, though, cops returned to the scene after Martinez's body was found. Both Kyle Gonzalez and Matthew Chandler plead guilty to first-degree manslaughter and conspiracy to commit first-degree assault, with Gonzalez forced to serve 15 years in prison and Chandler 10 years.

Although Salomon Martinez's family was awarded $15.6 million, I couldn't imagine the pain they're forced to live with knowing he lost his life — especially over something as juvenile as a beer pong game with $10 on the line.


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