'Mission Impossible 6': Behind-The-Scenes Videos Get Us Amped About The Upcoming Film

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Tom Cruise went a little nuts when he shot the fifth Mission Impossible movie, Rogue Nation.

What the hell was he doing hanging on to the outside of a plane as it took off and ascended to about 5,000 feet? And before your explanation describes all sorts of CG manipulations, you need to know: that was a real plane with the actual Tom Cruise hanging on the side of it, and it truly did climb to those dizzying heights.

Wouldn't that constitute nuts?


“As always,” Cruise offered, “I will do everything I can to entertain an audience and put as many people into theaters as possible. I’m an aerobatic pilot and I’ve done a lot of different things, but I’ve always wanted to do that. And I want to keep audiences on the edge of their seats.”

Well, it worked, and now the actor is at it again, shooting Mission Impossible 6 with returning director Christopher McQuarrie. And while we don't know what's being planned to top the last film's biggest set piece, we're reasonably confident that it will keep the audience exactly where Cruise wants them (check out the accompanying videos to get a taste of what they're up to).


Returning for this entry besides Cruise are Rebecca Ferguson, Ving Rhames, Simon Pegg and Alec Baldwin. New additions include Sean Harris, Vanessa Kirby, Sian Brooke and the Man Of Steel himself, Henry Cavill.

In an interview with Empire, McQuarrie said that the film "starts in a very unconventional way. It does not start with action. That was the hardest pitch of this movie."


He also noted that he wants to deal with character and find out who Ethan Hunt really is as a person by not just stringing together a bunch of action sequences. "So I put Ethan in a bunch of complicated moral quandaries, and I'm trying to find ways to connect them," he said. "And then, ironically, the way to connect them was through giant action scenes."

Mission Impossible 6 will be released on July 27, 2018.

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