Bella Hadid Poses Topless In Denim Booty Shorts And Believe Us, It's A Beautiful Combo

Bella Hadid slaps on some diamonds, loses her shirt, and throws on America's favorite fabric in her new photoshoot for V Magazine and can we just say, she looks RIDICULOUS.

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Thankfully, she went ahead and shared the pics with her 14 million Instagram followers and now we're throwing them your way—you're welcome, you're welcome.

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The photos were taken by the ever-famous Terry Richardson Richardson. Richardson has shot some of Hollywood's most famous models for some of the biggest fashion labels in the world—Marc Jacobs, Aldo, Supreme, Sisley, Tom Ford, and Yves Saint Laurent among others. His website is actually pretty dope if you'd like to take a break from Instagram for a couple of hours and see what else the internet has to offer.

Funny enough Richardson was once quoted saying—"It's insane, the Internet. Totally craziness. Like a little cancer. People can just do whatever they want, say whatever they want, be totally anonymous. It's totally out of control."

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I guess he didn't realize that one day his photos would be featured just as frequently on the internet as they are in print magazines and that's what brings us back to Bella! Of course, that's what the real bread and butter of this magazine is about and thank God, right? Ya'll really don't want to keep hearing about the history of a fashion photographer. Not exactly a huge selling point for most dudes. Don't fret though, Fellas! I've got what you came for, right now! Enjoy, we know you will!

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