Bella Hadid Hit The Bahamas For Hailey Baldwin's Birthday And Snapped Some Bikini Pics

You know what we really want this holiday season? To be invited to a birthday party like Hailey Baldwin's with the likes of Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner. Now wouldn't that be something? Talk about a gift that would last a lifetime — no, seriously, nothing would make us happier. But, a las, that's never going to happen, so, we're forced to settle for the next best thing.

What's that you ask? Oh, you know, just living vicariously through social media. It's the millennial way and who are we to go against the grain? As mentioned in the headline, Bella Hadid hit up the Bahamas this past weekend alongside BFF Kendall Jenner and 21st birthday girl Hailey Baldwin for a tropical celebration.

Other partygoers included Isabella Peschardt, Camila Morrone, Justine Skye, and Renell Medrano. It seems strong, beautiful women enjoy traveling in packs — we don't mind! Nothing better than a bunch of alphas getting together for some drinks, sunshine, and of course, bikini time.

Of course, Bella wasn't only celebrating her best friend's birthday, but also basking in some well-deserved R&R after yet another killer year at The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. For those of you who may have missed the pictures circulating the web, don't worry! The VS Fashion Show officially airs tomorrow night at 10/9 central on CBS.

If you're not living stateside or anywhere with basic cable (cheap ass) don't start crying just yet. Both Victoria's Secret and CBS have been known to upload livestream links in year's past. Unless they've decided to pull some cruel and unusual joke, we suspect they'll be releasing that information sometime tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned, guys!

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