Bella Thorne Shows A Bunch Of Skin In A Teeny Bikini That Amazes

You've really got to admire actress Bella Thorne, who never seems to tone it down when it comes to having fun. Like, when have any of us ever seen her not express herself in some of the best ways possible? Making it even better is the fact that Bella often does so while showing lots and lots of skin. For that, we say thank you.

But, seeing as how she's still only 20 years old, partying a little too much isn't really, you know, legal, meaning she tends to just show us other ways she likes to keep a smile on her face — and hanging around in a pool while in Cannes is certainly not a bad way to do it.


That's what Bella was doing the other day, as she slipped into a seriously teeny bikini to show-off for the camera, and, just maybe, remind Scott Disick — who she had a fling with earlier this year — what he might be missing out on. Seems like Bella Thorne has zero regrets about it, too.

For those out of the loop, Lord Disick was seeing finagling around Cannes with Bella a few days ago, but, rumor has it, she ditched him because he was too much of a partier. Not that anyone's shocked by that, right?

Anyway, because Bella Thorne seems to do what she wants, when she wants, we figured the only way to applaud her would be by looking at her sexiest pics from Instagram — and she's got a bunch of them worth staring at, so have at it!

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Lead image via Instagram/BellaThorne.