Singing In The Shower Has Health Benefits, So Keep Annoying Your Neighbors By Belting Your Lungs Out

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For some people, singing in the shower is as much of a habit as going to the bathroom or tying their shoes, and because we've all done it plenty of times in our lives, we wanted to know if it actually has any benefits other than just giving our neighbors some reason to complain.

No, you don't sound like the next contestant on The Voice, and, no, you can't hit that high note, but it's fun to try, isn't it? Of course it is—and this is why you should keep trying, because singing in the shower has some health benefits.

Boosts Your Confidence

Unlike, say, when you're at a karaoke bar with your buddies and actually have to perform in front of people, the shower is your personal studio, allowing the water to hit the bottom of the tub to drown out your poor singing. Plus, the ceramic tiles don't absorb sound, so the acoustics are perfect for you. And while this may be a bad thing, it actually makes you think that you're better than you really are, giving you a confidence rush that you may need.

It Calms You Down

Like, as much as yoga, guys. Seriously, according to a study from 2013, scientists found that singing in the shower might actually be as healthy as trying to bend your body in outrageously difficult positions. Who would've ever thought that?

You Won't Feel As Much Pain

There's a reason you sing in the shower—because it's fun and you feel good. That said, a 2004 study from the Journal of Music Therapy showed that those who suffered from chronic pain actually used singing as a way to cope with pain because chemicals in the brain brought attention to other things in your mind.

Helps With Anxiety

This is probably a no-brainer, guys, because we often put on a naked performance in the shower when we're most relaxed and our minds are at ease. Naturally, singing is good for the soul. But studies have found that doing it actually fights off depressing or sad thoughts—yes, even for those who sound like nails scratching against a chalkboard.

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