First Ever iPhone 8 Mockup Video Is Released By Noted Leaker, Benjamin Geskin

Image Via Twitter/VenyaGeskin1

It's no secret that the release of the iPhone 8 has been quite possibly the most controversial in Apple's long history. We reported earlier last month that the newest installation to the smartphone empire could be facing delays making it the first time in a LONG time that consumers would have to go an entire calendar year without the prospect of a new and improved iPhone.

Of course, lovers of the phone and tech junkies everywhere couldn't handle the uncertainty of waiting and leaked pictures began to surface on the internet at large. While we never shy away from leaked photos here at FHM, a leaked video is even better.

According to BGR: "Noted leaker Benjamin Geskin recently upped the ante by uploading the first known video of what will presumably be Apple’s final iPhone 8 design.

I'll admit, it's not the most in-depth look at what will inevitably prove to be an awesome device, however it proves useful to see the dummy in someone's hand. It gives a far better perspective of size and mobility.

BGR continued, saying, "The iPhone 8 is going to be an incredibly sleek device and will finally provide users in the market for an upgrade a brand new iPhone design worth getting excited about. The video can be viewed below and it’s worth noting that Geskin previously said that the iPhone 8 will incorporate a “back glass and metal frame” such that it looks and feels like a single component. As a result, Geskin claims that the iPhone 8 design is “even more merged” than Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S8 to the extent that it will house “almost no transition between frame and glass.”

As we've reported previously, we don't suspect this product will be on the market for quite some time and even when it hits, it'll cost ya a pretty penny (some say upward of $1,000) but it's supposed to be the best of the best and that's enough justification for us!

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