The Best And Worst Emojis To Use On A Dating App If You're Looking To Score

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The dating app, Clover (known for being easier to use and yielding more results than Tinder) conducted research that analyzed the data from 3 million users to see which emojis were generating the most and the least replies when used within the opening message of a chat session.

It's important for people interested in online dating/using dating apps to understand the proper protocol and etiquette involved. Similarly to how you wouldn't chew with your mouth open at the dinner table, you don't open a conversation with a crude emoji. It's really that simple. The thing is though, what if you're a first time user? How do you know what's okay and what's not? You don't want to resort to trial and error because you know it'll be a lot more error than trial. Thankfully, there are people in the field pioneering the way for you, so you don't go ahead and make an ass of yourself.

Clover even provided this super comprehensive infographic for you lazy millennials to understand. Kidding bout the lazy part, serious about the comprehensive part.

Based on that graphic, you now have no excuse to send a girl the eggplant emoji, and luckily for you gentleman she has no excuse to send you the wedding ring! Order has been restored to world of dating apps once more. Thank you, Clover!

Lastly, here are some more stats for all you lonely souls out there! Maybe they'll help you meet the one (or at the very least, the one for now).

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