13 Anti-Valentine's Day Movies That'll Make You Forget How Lonely You Are This Year

Before we start breaking down the list of the best Anti-Valentine's Day movies for all you lonely hearts out there, we'd like to briefly justify our top picks. You see, all of these movies incorporate love, it's just not the sort of flowery-Nicholas-Sparks-novel-BS that you see regurgitated all over the place on Valentine's Day. If anything, these films showcase the darker side of love — you know, the side that Hallmark desperately hopes we all forget come February 14.

Trouble is, if you're single it's hard to watch The Notebook without crying (man or woman). To that, we say two things — 1) Nicholas Sparks, the writer of The Notebook, is divorced and 2) there are plenty of movies that will not only make you feel less alone, but damn near empower your single man status. So, instead of sobbing into a pint of Ben & Jerry's, no, wait — a pint of whiskey — fire up the Netflix (or whatever streaming service you prefer) and get to watching.

Lead Image Via YouTube/Movieclips

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