The 13 Best Auto-Correct Fails Of All Time Will Make You Laugh Until You Cry, We Promise

I love, love, love me some auto-correct fails! Seriously, they are my favorite thing on the internet. To hell with your dancing cat memes and eye-rolling celebrity GIFs, THESE are why the world wide web is special to ME and I know plenty of people share in this sentiment.

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It's possible that you've seen some of the fails below from year's past. That's the point! These are the ELITE of the ELITE! The cream of the auto-correct crop. I was not f'in around when I selected these bad boys. Seriously, I didn't settle for anything less that made my abdomen hurt from laughter.

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If you're not crying at your desk right now, there's something wrong with you. Part of me really wishes I could reach out to these auto-correct icons to see how the conversations ended. Especially the girl who accidentally texted, "shaved p*ssy" to her mother instead of shaved pork and was left completely hanging.

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It's sort of amazing that in 2017 there's no true way to remedy these uh-ohs from happening. You know how they say birth control is 99.9% effective? That .01 is human error, you know. It seems that's the case with auto-correct as well. So long as humans take the time to read their texts thoroughly before hitting send, there's no room for error! But a las, as humans, we can't really be trusted to do anything right. Frankly, I'm a-okay with that! I'd be perfectly content indulging in auto-correct fails for the rest of my days. Sad? Read this article. Angry? Read this article. Feeling like you're being swallowed by the black abyss of reality? Read this article! It's a cure-all, I promise!