A Man's Guide To The Best Beers In The World

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Get ready y'all, it's time to talk about the best beers in the world. After learning that the results of the 2017 Beer Awards were finally in, we got to thinking! We know this is going to sound like a serious #FirstWorldProblem, but there's just so much access to good beer across the globe, what's a guy to do? Of course we're not exactly complaining — variety is the spice of life, after all...but at some point is there such thing as too much variety?

How many of you guys have walked up and down the aisles of your local liquor store 20 damn times only to grab the same freakin' 6-pack you always get? We know we've been there and no judgement, but we've decided that when it comes to beer (and women) it's really best to sample the buffet before settling on your one and only.

Problem is, how the heck do you know which beers are worth trying? Sure, you can ask the dude at the counter, but, let's be real, he's most likely not working there because he knows his sh*t. That's where this guide comes in! The Beer Awards didn't just stop at the world's best lager, they broke down an entire mecca of beer from best wheat beer to best porter and everything in-between.

Best Lager — Hofmeister Helles

Best Ale — Samuel Adams Stony Brook Red

Best Porter/Stout — Lynchburg Natt

Best Wheat Beer — Kveite Witbier

Top Ales


Top Lagers


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For the full list of winners from the 2017 Beer Awards, you can download the full PDF here.

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