NY Burger Week Founder Rev Ciancio Talks Crazy Eats, Drool-Worthy Burgers And Where To Find 'Em

If there's one thing David "Rev" Ciancio knows, it's good freakin' eats. Rev initially caught out attention on Instagram by posting some seriously over-the-top burger pictures. No joke, his account is the definition of #FoodPorn. We advise anyone on a diet to proceed with caution. Beyond just knowing where to get the best burgers, Rev serves as Director, Industry Insights for Yext, where he works to ensure customer success as they deploy the "Yext Knowledge Engine" on behalf of their businesses.

Over his 20+ year career, he has managed business development, digital marketing, and social media strategies for a wide range of entertainment and hospitality companies. When not preaching the gospel of digital knowledge management, you can find this expert burger taster discussing the virtues of what makes a truly great hamburger on his Instagram account, which we named one of the best foodie accounts to follow, and hospitality marketing tips on his blog, Burger Conquest.

As mentioned above, if you're on a diet, we recommend grabbing a carrot stick to satiate the inevitable food FOMO you're about to endure. Hell, we suspect vegetarians might considering batting for the other team after getting a glimpse at some of these dishes. From steak, to pizza and all the glorious burgers in-between, this is what Rev Ciancio had to say.

FHM: So, David, Tell Us A Little Bit About Your History With Food? Were You Always The 'Kid In The Kitchen'? Or Did You Develop A Passion Later On In Life?

Rev Ciancio: "I have always loved food. It has been the center of a lot of my life and reminds me deeply of family and friend experiences from my childhood. More than just loving food, I've always loved eating out — period. When I was a kid, we'd celebrate getting good grades, birthdays and other special occasions by taking us out to eat at our favorite places. My mother especially liked Detroit-style sliders and my stepfather did not. So, whenever she wanted to eat them it was like our little celebration at Escape. My father on the other hand, absolutely loved dining out or grilling in the backyard. No in-betweens. We either ate out or grilled out for every single meal I was with him. It wasn't until my passion for marketing intercepted with my passion for dining, that I took it to the Internet."

FHM: When Did You Decide To Take Your Love Of Food To The 'Gram? How's It Been Gaining Such A Steady Social Media Following?

Rev Ciancio: "I always had a passion for writing and through college and in the first part of my professional career, I wrote about music, CD reviews, show reviews, interviews with bands and the like. Then I got a job in the music business and I had no desire to write about it anymore, but, I still wanted to write. It was 2005 and I was looking for an outlet to share my musings about the food I love when I started a website about cheesesteaks. I found out very quickly two things about cheesesteaks; 1. Once you leave Philadelphia, the quality of cheesesteaks takes a serious dive. 2. Once you leave Philadelphia, the interest in cheesesteaks also takes a serious dive. That project expired quickly, but my desire to write about food got stronger.

The fun part about the cheesesteaks website it had a built-in social network — Sign in, create profiles, upload avatars, participate in the conversation happening, blog post or in private chat groups — that is probably the part that really got me interested in taking it more social. It only took Twitter and Facebook for me to realize I could draw people back to my websites for me to fully embrace the social media marketing aspect of it. At that point, I was writing a steak blog, a hot wing blog and my burger blog."

FHM: Your Bio Says You're "The Founder Of #NYBurgerWeek". Can You Tell Us About That?

Rev Ciancio: New York Burger Week happens every May in New York City. it is seven days of unique and delicious hamburger events. 2018 will Mark the seventh annual New York Burger Week . Each day of the week features a different hamburger themed event, that's not only delicious, but fun. In the past, we've had Star Wars themed burger events. We've had events with famous chefs. We've had private bowling and burger parties with famous authors. We've had movie screenings where you got serve burgers in your seat. We've done events with hard to source food items and the list goes on and on. If you are really into burgers, and I mean really into burgers, you do not want to miss out on New York Burger Week events. They are for the real fanatic!"

Lead Image via Instagram/revciancio

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