We Put Together A List Of The Most Searched For Celebrity Feet On The Internet Because #Reasons

Anyone who's been on Google and typed in the phrase "there's a smell coming from..." know that people spend their free time searching for some unusual things. But there's also some comfort in knowing that other people are searching for the same weird stuff as you do. Case in point: celebrity feet.

Oh, don't avert your eyes and act like you don't know what we're talking about. Searches for celebrity feet (particularly female celebs, obviously) are huge — probably some of the highest rated search terms on the Internet. How high, you ask? Come, pull up a chair.

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As professional Internet Writing People, we spend a lot of time tinkering with various analytics software and keyword tools. So we decided to have a little fun and rank the famous ladies that have the most popular feet according to their search traffic. And honestly, the results were a little surprising.

But before we jump into the list, time for some science. In case you're not one of the millions of guys who search for feet-related terms on Google, here's an explanation of the phenomenon.

“Tons of people have a foot fetish," dominatrix Jenny Nordbak revealed to the Daily Star. “For some guys it’s perfectly manicured clean feet and for others it’s stinky, dirty feet. Some want feet that are smashing something, or popping bubble wrap or in a certain kind of shoe. There is a broad range of fetishes that fall under it. Usually, it’s a foot massage, we called it 'foot worship.'"

As for how the fetish began, according to a 1998 study, the fetish grew in popularity in the 13th century when STDs were on the rise. The study concluded that people invented fetishes as alternatives to actual sex. To confirm this theory, the study showed how "foot porn" skyrocketed in the late '80s during the AIDS epidemic.

So as you can see, being foot-obsessed is not only as common as, say, owning a dog, it's also a part of human beings' evolutionary survival. Isn't science awesome?

If you want to see which celebs made our list, check out the gallery below.