Katy Perry And Scarlett Johansson Among Celebrities Who Have Completely Botched Weather Reports (Video)

Image Via YouTube/NewsBeFunny

There's no YouTube channel on the planet better for blooper and fail videos than NewsBeFunny. Seriously, we are OB-SESSED with their content. Why? Because often times they combine our two greatest loves—people making fools of themselves and attractive women.

We hit the jackpot this week with both Katy Perry and Scarlett Johansson being featured in the video. We know you guys love anything involving these lovely ladies so take a look—


To be fair, Tom Hanks, Kevin Hart, and Ellen DeGeneres are all honorable mentions as well. Serious question though now that we've touched up Tom Hanks. Who was the weather girl he was reporting with, because, DAMN.

It just goes to show that just because you're good at acting, doesn't mean you have what it takes to report the weather! Speaking of, this video got me thinking—what does it actually take? What sort of schooling and education is involved with not only studying the weather, but relaying it the masses. Weather people are essentially our life blood. I would spend most days either drenched in rain water or profusely sweating if it weren't for them.

I'm going to type into Google now—"How do you become a weather reporter?" I'll be back momentarily, folks.

Alright, so the highest hitting answer according to All Star Jobswas—"Weather reporters usually work long hours and must be able to deal with pressure to meet reporting deadlines. According to the website www.ehow.com weather reporters should have a bachelor's degree in journalism or mass communication as well as a background in meteorology in order to qualify for a job."

I suppose I could have guessed that on my own, but hey! Doing my due diligence to relay the proper information to ya'll is important!

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