10 Cocktails That Every Man Should Be Drinking In 2018

In case you haven't noticed, there's a major cocktails renaissance that's in full swing, and that’s great news for fans of mixed drinks. But, just because there seems to be a cocktail bar on every street corner of every major city in the country from Bar Harbor to Beverly Hills, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still order a classic like an Old Fashioned, Negroni or Manhattan without feeling self-conscious.

Bartenders are more than willing to make you famous drinks that have been around for decades. Heck, even order a White Russian (if you’re feeling like being a real Lebowski) or Harvey Wallbanger if you’re feeling squirrelly. They won’t judge you (well, they might but, who really cares, right?)

For those who are feeling a little more adventurous, bartenders from coast-to-coast have created cocktails to appeal to any whiskey-loving (or tequila, mezcal, or and other spirits), red-blooded man. And because we enjoy good cocktails, we had to share some of the best cocktails recipes from some of of the top bars from around the country.

Lead image via PAGU.

Scroll down to see our best cocktails recipes that men should know about this year.