A Beginner's Guide To Safe Sex: Understanding Male Contraceptive Methods

Whether it's a new treatment that injects gel into the penis or a straight up old-school condom, practicing safe and responsible sex is one of the utmost important things every single man should know about. After all, forget that whole (potential) baby drama down the road and let's think about yourself — who in the fuck wants to catch some nasty disease? Hopefully, none of you out there.

However, for some reason, dudes still don't educate themselves on the contraceptive options available to them, instead, playing with fire by and risking a lot by not thinking before inserting.


The word "safe"in the headline has a double-meaning. Of course we're touching upon prevention of STD/STIs, but we're also honing in on accidental or unplanned pregnancy. It's important to not just rely on the woman to take precautions. If you're playing an integral role in the intercourse then you should be playing an integral role in everything that goes along with that, pretty simple!

Each of these options, in a sense, represents a different sort of extremism. A vasectomy is a painful and permanent procedure, yet some of you may find the idea of abstinence more daunting. This sort of decision is extremely dependent on the individual, and subsequently, the couple. No one should force you to do anything you're not comfortable with and if you ever need more information you should never hesitate to consult a professional.

At the end of the day, sex is meant to be enjoyed. We certainly advocate that notion here at FHM, that's no secret! The most important thing is that you're well-informed and safe.

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