Looking To Burn Off That Holiday Weight? These Are The Best Exercises To Do Just That

It's that time of year when we all find ourselves kicking back, drinking some heavy beer and probably stuffing our faces with a little bit more than we should. But just because the weather's frightful, doesn't mean it's an excuse to pack on the pounds. Since it's important to stay in shape and hit the gym this Winter, Business Insider entrusted the Mayo Clinic to come up with the best exercises to burn calories. You know, all those ones you've been consuming like a mad man since the few days before Christmas until now. Yeah, we know you're guilty. It's OK, we are too, trust us.

Ranking the top-10 ones to use while working out for an hour, they were able to determine just how many calories you could burn. We've got to say, as miserable as some of these exercises sound, the numbers speak for themselves. It's important, however, to remember that these numbers were drawn using a 200-pound person as the example, so results will vary. Also, exercises that burn the most calories are great, but don't get into such a routine that you hate doing them each and every day, mix it up to stay motivated to get to the gym.

Again, using a 200-pound person for these examples — since the average adult American weighs 200 pounds — these are the exercises we should all consider using to stay in shape when at the gym (or outdoors) for 60 minutes.

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