The Best Exfoliators To Use Based On Your Skin Type And Where To Buy Them

We know what some of y'all might be thinking, "Why should I give a crap about skincare?" Well, for starters, the older you get, the more crucial it becomes to take care of your skin. Forget just using plain old soap and water. You need to invest in products. Beyond that, you need to invest in products that are actually designed for your skin type.

That said, it's not uncommon for men to be completely unaware of what their skin type actually is. You'd think it was common sense, but, a las, men have their strengths and "beauty" products generally isn't one of them. Don't stress, though, we've got you guys covered. First, we'll go ahead and rattle off a basic description of the different skin types. Once you recognize your own, keep on scrolling for the best exfoliator to coincide.

Dry Skin

Dry skin occurs as a result of decreased production of sebum, low humidity, or too frequent bathing. The results are fine lines, scaliness, and itching. Sometimes, people only have dry skin during the winter months.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is characterized by a couple of different things beginning with overactive sebaceous glands. These overactive glands cause excess lipids on the skin to form. This manifests in a thick, shiny layer on the face. People with oily skin generally have bigger pores and are prone to blackheads/acne.

Combination Skin

Combination skin is just that — a combination of oily and dry patches. It can be especially hard to buy products for combination skin because you need to satisfy both issues without making the other worse.

Acenic Skin

Generally dry, oily and combination are the standard skin types, but we're throwing in acneic as well. Given that so many people suffer from adult acne, it's always a plus to find products that actually work in remedying the discomfort.

All of these exfoliators are incredibly affordable. A product doesn't need to be expensive, to be effective! Remember that and don't get suckered into believing otherwise, OK?

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For the best exfoliators based on your skin type, keep scrolling.