The 13 Most Badass Female Characters From Film And TV (As Told By Reddit)

From Buffy Summers and Arya Stark to Lara Croft and Eleven from Stranger Things, the best female characters from film and television also happen to be the most badass. Now, we won't be taking all the credit, y'all. Reddit user, Marcorubio10100, posed the following question and after some serious deep-diving into this thread, we were able to round up the most popular answers.

"Who is your favorite female fictional character?"

Just this once, guys, this gallery isn't about sex appeal. It's about intelligence, skill, wit, and well, the overall ability to completely kick freakin' ass. Take Arya Stark from Game of Thrones as a prime example. Sure, she may not attract the male gaze the way Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark do, but have you seen that girl use a sword? There's no one in The Seven Kingdoms who holds a candle to her.


If Arya isn't your taste (or you're a loser and don't watch Game of Thrones) how about Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. Sure, she wasn't exactly throwing daggers, but she was certainly badass in her own right. She was a take no sh-t kind of lady and that's worth admiring. The wild card on this list is Dee Reynolds from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia — she's badass in the sense that she does the most heinous, asinine stuff and never dies — a noble skill, we'd say.

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more badass female characters from film and tv.

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