Simple Forearm Exercises That Will Transform Those Noodly-Ass-Arms Of Yours

Image Via BodyBuilding.com

Honestly, when the first thing that comes to mind when I see a dude with crazy-fit forearms is that he, er, takes care of himself often. Yes, I realize how amateurish that is. No, I'm not a Health & Fitness expert— thanks for asking.

Ultimately, you don't have to choke the chicken to increase mass in your forearms. There are far less sinful exercises that will transform those noodly-ass-arms of yours. I know I repeated the headline, I just really wanted to say noodly-ass again. Anyway, go ahead and watch the video below for everything you need to know! Don't roll your eyes, Fellas. Forearms should be proportionate to the rest of your body! I'll be following up afterward with some more as per BodyBuilding.Com



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