Man Discovers The Airport Prank To End All Airport Pranks, Shares Hilarious Results On Twitter

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Personally I think people have enough BS to deal with at the airport to be subject to juvenile pranks, but even I've gotta admit this is A1 pranking material. It's one of those things where you find yourself laughing, but also guilty for being the type of person to make light of other people's misfortune.

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Of course, as with most things in 2017, the discovery of this savage hoax was found on Twitter in a post from user, JustBasicDave. While we're not positive Dave is the first person to have come up with this airport hijinks, we'll go ahead and give me him the nod, anyway. After all he is just basic, and we like that in a man!

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Go ahead and take a look at his succession of tweets. Try and imagine watching this happen to someone else versus having it happen to you. The former is far funnier than the latter.

Pretty hysterical, huh? It's smart that Dave didn't reveal himself in the moment as the root of the false outlet. I don't know about you guys, but if there's one thing I don't want people f'ing with, it's my phone battery—especially before boarding a flight! Actually, in that capacity, now that I think about, Dave's prank is pretty damn cruel. It's damn near unsafe to travel with a dead cellphone. Shame on you Basic Dave, shame on you!

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