The Atari Pong Coffee Table Brings Your Teenage Dreams To Life With Built-In Arcade Games

Image via Kickstarter

We enjoy giving you guys the best gear and gadgets on planet earth, and one of the top ones we just came across is this thing called the Atari Pong Coffee Table. As the name indicates, this coffee table isn't just something to rest your feet on or put some dusty book on, but, instead, an actual arcade that plays old school arcade games, streams music, charges up to four devices with separate USB ports, acts as a clock and, of course, turns into a coffee table. Point blank, it's one of the best gear releases we've seen in a long time!

Following a successful campaign on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, the Atari Pong Coffee Table smashes its competition by acting as a dual-threat coffee table, and is now available to order — and, damn, it makes for one of the best tech gifts this holiday season. Take a look at this bad boy in action.

If the Atari Pong Coffee Table isn't you inner teenage dream come true, we honestly don't know what is. The coffee table has everything a dude would want to pass time, even if that means sitting around and watching TV by his lonesome self, capable of replacing a wireless sound system, video game console and any of those cheap-ass phone charging stations. Again, this is why we think it's one of the best gear inventions of the past year or so.

Coming in a number of different colors and styles, the Atari Pong Coffee Table is a perfect fit for any living room, man cave or basement. Here's a closer look at the arcade system, available color options and blueprint of different capabilities and functions it can do.

To find out more about one of our top choices for the best tech gifts this year, head on over to the Table Pong Project website to learn more. Hopefully, with as hot as this gadget is, you'll still be able to land yourself one in the near future.


Lead image via Kickstarter/Atari Pong Coffee Table.

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