The Highest News Bloopers Will Inspire You To Never Toke Before Going On Live Television

Image Via YouTube/NewsBeFunnyVideos

If there's one piece of advice I'm going to offer the stoners of the globe today on this very special and beloved holiday, it's please stay away from any and all live news broadcasts. While the compilation below from News Be Funny Videos is actually pee-in-your-pants hilarious, you have to remember, it's a compilation. It took the creme da la creme of marijuana news moments and put them together for your viewing pleasure. I promise, it has the potential to be so, so much worse for you.

I'll be blunt, I've never been much of a reefer queen. Makes me paranoid and anxious with the occasional bout of vomiting, which most likely has more to do with the anxiety than the weed, but we can get to that in another article. Anyway, despite my misgivings with pot, I genuinely enjoy the presence of most stoners. I would MUCH rather be around someone who's high than someone's who's drunk. Anyone who disagrees with that sentiment is most likely a drunk themselves. Don't deny it Carl, I'm looking at you.

With today being 4/20, let's just give a little shoutout, shall we? Here's to stoners, may we know them, may we be them, may we raise them, and may we continue to watch them make complete fools of themselves on national television for our benefit. I mean that with absolutely no malice. That's the thing about weed, because it's not innately dangerous to the user, you don't have to feel bad about laughing at someone who's under the influence. I mean, don't get me wrong, I've laughed at plenty of videos involving crystal meth tweakers in my day, but I always feel bad afterward because well, they're CRYSTAL METH TWEAKERS. Marijuana isn't going to ruin your life and rot your teeth out of your mouth and disappoint your grandmother. Those are facts, not opinions.

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