The Best Home Workouts Will Keep You In Shape And Avoid The Mad Gym Rush After The New Year

Even though we're still in the thick of summer, it doesn't mean that your health and fitness routine should be taking a backseat to BBQ's and seasonal beer — I mean, yes, definitely still do that! But, moderation is key, my friends. Technically speaking, you should really be hitting up the gym all-year-around, no questions asked! Problem is, life happens — things get in the way! There's no denying, let alone changing that. So really, what can you do? if you're anything like me, letting even a single day pass without some sort of exercise just doesn't sit right with your mental. Well, turns out, you don't need a gym to keep things 100 — in fact, exercising from home can be equally as effective! We had actress Indy Yelich-O'Connor show you how to do exactly that.


As Indy shows you, there's no need to use all that heavy equipment in the gym to get the body you desire. So, instead of using an exercise ball for sit-ups, go ahead and pull over that ottoman you've got and use it instead. No brainer, right? In addition to the flexibility and muscle-toning moves that Yelich-O'Connor shows here, you can mix it up by adding some free weights and resistance bands to make sure you're really feeling as if you're getting the same workout as in the gym.

So, what's it take to stay in shape without the gym? Nothing more than some determination, a few household items that you can use and maybe a yoga mat or towel beneath you in order to protect carpet from getting a little bit too sweaty. The best part? This doesn't need to just be used at home, but, for all you busy travelers out there, try it out in your hotel room, too!

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