9 Totally Fixable Mistakes Men Make On Dating Apps

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Ever since "swipe left" and "swipe right" became part of our daily vernacular, it's safe to say dating apps aren't the taboos they used to be. In a digital age, so many of us connect by using technology. So it's only natural that this includes, ahem, one of the oldest types of connection. But like any other technology, dating apps take time for us to learn how to use — and for connections to be made.

Chances are, we're all doing at least one thing that's sabotaging our chances of matching with more people. If we were doing everything perfectly, well, we wouldn't be on these apps in the first place. But the good news is, a lot of dating app mistakes men make are fixable. And they don't involve changing you, just your profile. I speak for many women when I say we'd seriously reconsider some of our rejected requests if just one or two simple edits were made. So without further ado, allow me to be your dating app spirit guide.

Dating App Mistakes

Posting A Pic With A Female Friend

Sure, she could be your sister. She might also be your cousin. She may even be your platonic BFF. But many women on dating apps are very busy, myself included. So in the pure interest of time, I'm going to assume you two hooked up in the past, secretly want to hook up in the future, or are hooking up right as we speak. (Next!)

Posting A Pic With A Male Buddy Of Yours

Hot take: Posting a photo with a male friend is even worse than posting a photo with a female friend. Then, I can't tell which one you are! I can't drive this home enough: Between a full-time job, weekly outings with friends, and Buzzfeed quizzes, I frankly don't have even a minute to figure this out.

Sharing ONLY Selfies

Ah, selfies. I take them, you take them, Kim Kardashian takes them. There's nothing more satisfying than literally being in control of your own image, especially when you just had an amazing workout, amirite? But after my admiration of your third mirror pic of your biceps passes, I will inevitably wonder, Doesn't he have... y'know... friends that can take any other pictures for him?

Shout out to my friends, who know a great angle when they see one.

Declaring Your Superiority Over Your Date Before You Even Get One

"Better dancer than you," "I know more about food than you do," and my personal favorite, "I do cooler shit than you," are all very real proclamations I've read in my dating requests inbox. Be careful when it comes to guarantees like these, or she just might take your word for it and not even bother to find out.

Passive-Aggressively Dissing Your Ex In Your Profile

Honestly, we've all thought (and said out loud after a few drinks) sarcastic things like, "I'm looking for someone who actually won't cheat on me or lie to me." It's totally natural to feel this way after being wronged. But to attach these feelings to your dating profile is to either attach yourself to someone who you are not over yet, or to the idea that the next girl looking through your profile is scheming to wrong you yet again.

Being Way Too Mysterious About What You Actually Do

Look, we all have times in our lives where our careers aren't exactly where we want them to be. This might seem cliché, but the right girl isn't going to care if you work in finance or plumbing. But if you write that you are "somewhere making money" or give a suspiciously vague description of your source of income, she is left to fear the worst (and you'd be horrified by how endless the possibilities are here).

Word to the wise: Capitalizing "business" does not make me any less skeptical.

Oversharing Before You Even Send Your First Message

Sure, certain facts about you are important to disclose on a dating app: current city, your career, any religion you follow, and definitely whether or not you have kids. But a dating app is one of those places where when it comes to the finer details like taste in music, less is usually more. After all, you don't want to give away so much info through text that you have nothing to talk about when you (hopefully) meet in real life.

Loudly Declaring Your (Not Short!) Height Immediately

I get that a lot of girls are really into tall guys. But making sure 5'11" is the first thing your prospective dates sees, loud and clear, signals insecurity. Besides, if you really want us to know how tall you are, don't tell us — show us through creative photos. If your dream girl wants a tall guy, believe me, she will get the message.

Doing Whatever The Hell Ryan Did Here

Sorry, Ryan. But arson with a side of marshmallows is not really my style.

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