Lube Lessons For Men: What's The Right Lube For You?

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OK, so you've done everything you needed to in order to convince her that you're truly the nice guy she wants, pulling out all the stops by being the Casanova that you are and flirting with her with the proper technique, so now comes the fun part—sex!

You get back to your place and start going at it, reaching for a condom and a little extra stimulation in the form of lube. But, do you have the right one? Does it really make a difference that you bought the $2 tube instead of investing in the ultra-sensitive $12 one? Yes, and we asked some sex experts to tell us the differences between lubes to help you decide which is best for you.

Making sure you have all the tools is essential—condoms, breath mints, sex toys and, yep, a great lubricant! Below are ways to differentiate lubricants to help you find the right one for you and your lucky lady.


Water-based are the most common and are safe to use with sex toys, condoms, sponges and diaphragm. They are also less likely to irritate. They don’t stain sheets but they tend to dry up easily. Try Wet Original, a long lasting lubricant that is silky, never sticky.


Silicone-based lubes are a bit pricey but are much longer lasting. While they can’t be used with sex toys, they are condom compatible. They can also be used in a shower or under water and they don’t dry out. Try Wet Platinum or Replens Silky Smooth which will never dry out and won’t break down in water. It’s also great to use as a massage gel, or to give your shoes an amazing shine! Additionally, Wet Platinum has been FDA approved as a 510 (k) medical device.


If you want to ignite the flames of love by trying a warming or cooling lubricant, beware if you have sensitive skin! These lubes can usually irritate the vaginal area.


When you are trying to conceive, most lubricants can actually harm sperm. Try a fertility-friendly lubricant like Pre-Seed that mimics fertile fluids and is pH balanced and isotonic.


When it’s time to tempt your taste buds, it may be time to try a flavored lubricant. Not only are these functional, but very fun! There are a variety of flavors to try, just find the one that sounds good to you. Try Wet Flavored Gels like: kiwi strawberry, wild blueberry and juicy watermelon.


This lubricant is a mix of water and silicon based and is specifically designed to limit friction and increase pleasure and can be used safely with intimacy toys. Try: Wet Elite Hybrid which is glycerin free, paraben free and its very delicate balance of pH, make it perfect for the most sensitive skin.

Now, go forth and make things wet, wild and extra satisfying by getting the right one, or ones, to intensify your sex life.

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