This McDonald's Menu Hack Is What Foodie Wet Dreams Are Made Of

Image Via Instagram/karenalicia1

I don't have the metabolism necessary to eat McDonald's every day. Hell, I don't have the metabolism necessary to eat McDonald's every two years—but that doesn't mean I don't believe it to be some of the world's most delicious cuisine.

Alright, maybe that's going a little far, but you have to admit, there are few things on earth as satisfying as a Big Mac and fries (and large DIET coke, you know, to cut calories).

This past Sunday, one brilliant man took to Twitter to share his McDonald's menu hack and honestly, if I could get a boner, I'd have one right now. Please, go ahead and take a look—

Beautiful, huh? I know it seems like an obvious pairing, considering the Chipwhich already exists, but if it was so obvious why didn't you come up with it?! Riddle me that one, pal.

I'm not going to speculate that this young man dabbles in the marijuana arts, but this is the most stoner-driven munchie food I've ever seen. Of course, despite how delicious this combination must be, I'm a bit speculative regarding how good it can possibly be for you. I mean, it is McDonald's after all.

I decided I'm going to do a little nutritional assessment (this is mostly for me so I don't go buy one after work).

Each cookie is 160 calories with 8 grams of total fat. I went ahead and searched the McFlurry and while I couldn't find the Oreo one specifically, I did come across the M&M version. Brace yourself—a 12 ounce M&M McFlurry is a whopping 650 calories with a total of 14 grams of fat. So roughly speaking, a McDonald's McFlurry shoved between two gloriously gooey McDonalds chocolate chip cookies is going to run you about 950 and calories (I'd say over or under by 100 depending upon what the actual caloric value of the Oreos are).

Well, I just successfully convinced myself out of ever eating this, but you all should enjoy (it's not my ass it'll be sticking to).

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