The 10 Best Men's Watches To Help You Laugh In The Face Of Lateness

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When it comes to telling time in 2017, it's safe to say that most people just use their smartphone. Here's the thing though, while your iPhone is undoubtedly a great convenience, it doesn't exactly transcend generations the way a great watch does. A powerful watch should be a staple piece in every man's wardrobe, that's a fact. There's something pretty boss about walking into a business meeting or a nerve-wrecking first date wearing a kickass timepiece, ya know what I mean?

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Of course, just like every man's style of dress is different, so is the perfect watch. What works for one guy won't necessarily work for them all. Yes, yes, there are those classic pieces that suit most lifestyles, but generally speaking it's only fair to offer a variety of options — from luxury to sportswear and everything in between we've got the 10 best men's watches on the market right now. Remember, Gentlemen — this is an investment! Keep that in mind when you catch the price tag!

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Best timeless classic

Best technology watch

Best diving watch

Best luxury watch

Best sports watch

Best driving watch

Best for simplicity

Best for under $100

Best survival watch

Best work watch


When German locksmith, Peter Henlein, invented the portable clock in the 16th century, we bet he wouldn’t have recognised the wrist pieces on the market today. With all the bells, whistles and dials, here’s how to know your way round a modern watch.

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