14 Scents To Buy Your Lady This Valentine's Day That Smell Better Than Roses

Before we delve into the best perfumes for women, we've got a fun fact for y'all that just might make perfume your go-to Valentine's Day purchase this year! Did you know that a person's sense of smell is more closely linked to memory than any other sense? Yep, even sight. To put it simply, those olfactory organs are strong AF. Why not take advantage of that by purchasing your lady some perfume that she'll forever link to you?

Now, to be fair, if you're not serious about your significant other, please — don't buy her anything scented. It's just cruel to ruin a lovely smell with memories of a sh*tty boyfriend. We can't be certain, but, we presume that there are millions of women out there who can no longer wear their signature scent because it's reeks of broken promises. Geez, that got dark. Our apologies. What can we say? We're just trying to look out for the ladies on this sacred February 14. Oh, and the singles guys. We've got your back too! We know how tough it can be, #solidarity.

All of the perfumes below can be purchased from Amazon and the best part? They aren't going to cost you a fortune. A few of them are a bit pricier than others, but, hey! Perfume is an essential item, so, get over it. It's important to ask your girlfriend/wife what sort of smells she likes, if you don't already know. To sit here and explain it to a group of men would be fairly pointless, but, in the spirit of dropping knowledge, we'll summarize.

Perfumes can be categorized as Citrus, Floral, Fruity, Green, Oceanic, Oriental, Woody, and Spicy. You most definitely do not buy a woman who loves floral scents a citrus scent. You might be thinking, "WTF is the difference?!" It doesn't matter, just listen to the woman in your life, OK? Good luck, guys!

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