These Hilarious Sports Reporter Bloopers Involve A Lot Of Balls To The Face

Image Via YouTube/NewsBeFunny

We just love sharing the beauty of hilarious news bloopers with you guys. Seriously, there's nothing better when it comes to perfect comedic contrast.

You take what's supposed to be a serious moment and completely destroy it (AKA make it amazing) with an accidental f-bomb, crazy gust of wind, drive by crazy person, or in this video's case—many, many stray balls! Big balls, little balls, round balls, fly balls—all the balls make for all the more fun! To be fair, there's a few standard Freudian-slips and awkward boob touches in here as well, which we think you'll enjoy just as much as the rogue sports gear.

What I really want to know is what exactly goes wrong in the human brain that renders the reporter completely incapable of speaking english/whatever their native language is?! It's actually pretty scary to see someone who speaks on camera professionally stutter for a solid 30-seconds. I'd love to say the best is when they laugh off their mistakes, but I'd be lying. My favorite is when they completely go ape-shit and start cursing, hitting whatever's near them (ideally an assistant or hair and makeup person).

While most of these bloopers focus on the sports reporters themselves, there are a few instances when the athletes are the ones messing things up, specifically when female reporters are involved (go figure).

Not going to BS you guys, this is a pretty long one, but really, what else do you have going on? Bring it into the bathroom with you and call it day! It's way more respectable than the other material you've been known to bring into the bathroom. Nope, no sense in denying it, we know all about it and you're girlfriend does too.

Lead Image Via YouTube/NewsBeFunny

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