11 Best Styling Products for Men's Thinning Hair (Plus Tips From A Doctor Who Cares About Your Mane)

That dreaded time has come when you find yourself searching for the best styling products for men's thinning hair. There are a few things in this world that all men are afraid of; an irate, irrational boss who makes coming into work everyday worse than pulling a tooth without novocaine, parenting — it's a joy, but, c'mon, it's tough work, and, finally, thinning hair. It's that last one that we're here to try and help with, fellas, because the fact of the matter is this: All the combing, air-drying and other bullshit tricks you're trying to disguise the fact that you're losing your hair isn't working. You need the best products out there to get your hair looking like you want it to.

Before we show you our best-of-the-best picks (and before you just give up and shave it all off), we reached out to one of New York's top plastic surgeons, Dr. Norman Rowe, who specializes in treating hair loss, so he can shed some light on the matter.

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In your experience, why do so many men fear hair loss?

"Regardless of sex, every patient fears aging and wants to maintain a youthful appearance. For men, hair loss is one of the first signs of aging."

In your opinion, do you think it's the great unknown or something else that keeps men from taking the dive and just shaving it all off?

"I think it is the great unknown and also the fact that society associates a full head of hair on a man with youth."

Are there any home remedies that men can use to help alleviate their hair loss?

"Avoiding things that cause persistent gentle pulling on the hair leading to traction alopecia is important. This includes tight ponytails, braids, and hats."

Outside of a full hair restoration, what are some other tricks men can use to help restore their hair?

"PRP injections to the scalp are the best nonsurgical option for hair restoration. A vial of blood is drawn from the patient, then spun down to harvest the PRP. The PRP is then injected to the scalp and can increase hair growth to the area by 35 percent. You need about four treatments a month apart, as well as maintenance treatments."

What’s the biggest misconception about hair loss that you think men should know is NOT true?

"That it is inevitable and that it can't be stopped. Anything can be reversed with early intervention and the appropriate care plan."

What advice would you give men who are going bald and trying to hold onto those last few strands?

"The time to start with hair loss prevention is before it starts. Many men decide to intervene when it is too late. If you are noticing some thinning areas book a consultation with a hair loss specialist and stay ahead of the game."

So, rejoice, fellas, because, thanks to Dr. Rowe, we now have a game-plan to try and defeat that hair loss problem we're all (eventually) afraid of dealing with. And to start to tackle your thinning hair problem head on, we've found the best styling products for your lacklustre locks.

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