The Best Unscented Lotions For Tattoos To Prevent Fading Or Flaking So Your New Ink Stays Looking Fresh

Anyone who has ever been inked knows the importance of finding the best unscented lotion for tattoos. That feeling of getting a new tattoo is unrivaled, and you just can’t wait till it’s fully healed so you can show it off. Well, of course, unless you’re someone who messed up and got an ex’s name on you and now have to pull a tattoo cover-up. That aside, though, the first things you need to know in order to keep a new tattoo in the best condition are the basic rules of tattoo aftercare.

Although all these are great points, a good lotion is the best thing to prevent your new tattoo from flaking or fading, and to make sure it stays looking as fresh for as long as possible. After all, you didn’t go through all that pain for nothing! The main irritant in creams and lotions is usually the fragrance, and the last thing you need is for your tattoo to get itchy. So, we hand-picked 11 of the best unscented lotions and balms for new tattoos that’ll keep your new ink looking fresh and, more importantly, healthy!


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