25 Videos That Prove Vine Was The Best Social Media App Ever

Lead Image via Vine

When it comes to popular culture nowadays — and we hate to put it this bluntly — it seems that people refuse to let a good thing die. Hear us out; television shows that are clearly complete get renewed for a second season, trends that take the internet by storm hold on for dear life (namely when giant, unicorn-colored food is involved), and initially funny pranks start to take a dark, dangerous turns (tide pods, anyone?) Why is it that we can't just let things be? Everything has a life span, even social media. All that being said, Vine was never something that should have ended! Why? Because it was freakin' awesome.

After Twitter Inc. decided to shut down Vine back in 2016, the internet lost a great source of humor and creativity. See, unlike YouTubers, Viners actually had to be funny! They only had six seconds to make an impression, after all. Fortunately, Vine might be making a comeback after co-founder, Dom Hoffman dropped this Tweet about a month ago:

The details have yet to be confirmed, but, if one thing's certain, we're F'in pumped! In the spirit of getting ready for this resurgence of quality internet content (finally) we decided to reflect back on 25 of our favorite Vine videos — all of which prove that it was the best social media app ever, without question. Sit back, relax, and get ready to laugh your ass off.

1. A Child

2. The Bear

3. Grocery Rat

4. Twerk It Dog

5. My Jam

6. My Croissant!

7. Yes, Trash Can, Yes!

8. Girl, You're Thicker Than A Bowl Of Oatmeal

9. Blue Bar

10. Roof, You Know?

11. Weld Some Stuff

12. Why Are Your Eyes Like That?

13. I Like That Laugh

14. So, Basically

15. Are You The Greatest?

16. Sweet Melody

17. When Mom Goes Out

18. Cause They're Not Gay

19. Adrian Michael

20. Did You Hang Out With Beth Last Night?

21. They Are My Crocs

22. Candy Cane

23. Free Taco

24. Come Get Y'all Juice

25. Ya Mom's A Hoe

Lead Image via Vine

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