Betty White, Helen Mirren Among The Oldest Celebs People Admitted They'd Have Sex With

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We've probably all played the game "Would You Rather..." where a buddy gives us a hypothetical question and we're forced to decide between a few different options just for shits and giggles. And, if there's one place where these types of question rule, it's on Reddit, with people coming up with extremely strange scenarios.

One of those instances came today, when a person started a forum asking people who the oldest celebrity they would have sex with would be. As you might imagine, there were some amusing replies.

As for my answer, anyone who knows me knows that I'm going with Jane Fonda. Have you guys seen her lately? She's 79 years old and looks like a total babe still. No hesitation, I'm taking the former workout video queen.


To see some of the other replies from people, head on over to Reddit.

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