Badass Bicep Tips That Will Revolutionize Your Arm Workout Routine

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Just because summer is over doesn't mean it's time to abandon your health and fitness routine. Sure, you'll be swapping tanks for sweaters, but those bicep workouts are just as important as ever. Even through a hoodie, the ladies like a little something to hold onto. That's why when we came across these kickass bicep workouts, we just had to go ahead and share them with y'all. The best part? They're super simple and really, what else can you ask for in a workout routine?

Craig Capurso from BodyBuilding.Com recommends that the following 6 tips are integrated into your bicep workout routine ASAP.

1. Don't Work Your Biceps After Your Back

"Think of it this way: Your big back muscles can manage all those rows, chin-ups, pull-downs, deadlifts, and shrugs. The much smaller bicep muscle, not so much. They get smoked, which means your biceps workout ends up being pretty pathetic."

This might be a less conventional tip, seeing as back/bicep workouts are pretty common but, c'mon, this guy is a professional. He knows what he's talking about! Additionally, just because something is a popular workout, doesn't necessarily make it worth your while. Think about how many fitness fads we've schooled y'all on.

2. High Reps = Bigger Biceps

"Try sets in the range of 10-12, 12-15, or even as high as 15-20. Yes, you'll have to use light weights. So what? Chances are that once you up those rep rates, you'll finally start stretching out that tape measure."

Forget what you've been told about bigger weight equating bigger results. Sometimes slow and steady can be equally as effective — i.e. more reps overtime will yield positive results.

Intense Back Training

"A 2013 study found that lat pull-downs resulted in exactly as much biceps growth as lat pull-downs plus curls. The takeaway for you: Slack off on your back training, and you'll miss out on a significant amount of biceps growth."

Right, so we know that might be a little confusing given the first tip, but ultimately the best physical results come from an all-over body approach.

Focus On Your Wrists

"Try a neutral wrist position, where your hand is angled neither toward or away from the crook of your elbow. Some lifters find they even need to go the next step and cock their hand back and away from their inner elbow to eliminate forearm-flexor involvement."

By taking into consideration all these incredibly doable tips, you can increase the results of your bicep workout tenfold without having to change all that much. Think about it, why bother working harder when you can just work smarter? Fitness is all about knowing your craft and optimizing on it.

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