Do Your Girlfriend's Friends Actually Hate You? (Probably, But This Video Will Help Tell You For Sure)

You and your girlfriend have just made it official. You’ve wined her, dined her, and done the deed. You’ve tried out all your best bedroom moves, and she liked them. You’ve even met her dad, and managed to charm your way through lunch without cursing like a sailor, talking about his daughter’s ‘sexy butt’ or being chased out of his house at gunpoint. Feels like all the hard work’s done, right?

Nope. There’s one more giant hurdle left to overcome. A few of them, actually. They’re the judges of your relationship, the people who – with just a thumbs up or thumbs down – could dictate whether you have a joyous, sex-filled future ahead with your new girlfriend, or if you’re bound to be dropped like a mixtape. They are, of course, her besties. Her gal-pals. The squad.

The BFF Test is one where your chances of success can seem upsettingly slim. Her best friends know everything about you, even the whole "usually I last longer than that" thing from the other night.

What’s more, they already don't like you. You’re fresh competition for your girlfriend's time. They're going to be the ones who have to hear about every little stupid thing you do. And because of that, they're just waiting for you to mess up, say something inappropriate, laugh at the wrong thing or breathe in a way they just don't like. And when you do, strap in, because you're going for a ride.

To help you through the most important interview of your love life, we enlisted the help of three beautiful and insightful girls to give you the advice that’ll help you make it out alive. Take a peek into the world of the she-pack:

How Much Does A Girl's Bestie Know About her Boyfriend?

Lana: Absolutely everything. What he likes on his toast, what he likes in bed, the size of his penis. Everything. Jo: … All the bad things, too. Bad habits, things you do when you’re drunk, farting in bed. There are no boundaries.

Have You Ever Shared Anything With A Best Friend That Maybe You Shouldn't?

Lana: Yes! I once told my best friend about an ex-boyfriend and how he didn’t know where my clitoris was.

Why Do Guys Get The Feeling That Their GF's Best Friends Already Hate Them?

Lana: Girls see their friend’s boyfriends as a threat. Like, they’re going to steal her away from them. So prove you’re good enough.

The Worst That Can Happen?

Jo: Anything negative toward your girlfriend, like telling her off for being too drunk, or saying, "We’ve got to go home now." I hate that. You look like a dick.

Layla: And I’ll bet you she’ll remember that. Anything snappy.

What’s The First Thing A Guy Should Say When He Meets His Girlfriend's Best Friend?

Jo: "Do you want some gin?" Just, be nice, polite. Buy her a drink when you meet up, give her a lift home, stuff like that. Oh and always tell her how good her eyebrows look. An eyebrow compliment will please any girl. It’s not pervy, it shows you’re paying attention.

What If I Fancy Her?

Layla: Er, that’s a problem. Get out! Jo: Nah, it’s fine! You can fancy anyone, you just don’t act on it.

Oh Shit, She’s Caught Me Staring At Her Boobs...

Jo: I’ve got the biggest boobs out of all my friends, so I’m OK with that.
Lana: When you go to the bathroom, she’ll rat you out. So just don’t.

Can A Guy Ever Tell His Lady That He Thinks Her Best Friend Is A Bitch?

Jo: No! No way! Never. Just say, "I don’t think she really likes me, what can I do?" It shows you want to make an effort.

How Can A Guy Win Over A Woman's Best Friend?

Lana: Tell her you’re planning a secret getaway or party for your girlfriend, and because she knows her better than anyone, you could really use her help. She’ll love that you want to get her involved.

Get out there, charm her friends, win the day. Godspeed.