How To Do Friends With Benefits The Right Way Without Getting Burned (As Told By Three Sexy Ladies)

Before we get into the friends with benefits meaning y'all have been wondering about. It's important to put things into some context. According to a study in The UK, a whopping one third of people below the age of 40 say they have enjoyed casual, no-strings sex with a friend. Statistically, that means your shot at a naked romp with the girl you like, without the obligations that come with a newly minted "in a relationship" status, are probably higher than you think.

But before you rush into your contacts list and text your hottest female friend, take note —there’s a set of unwritten laws you must abide by to make friends with benefits work, all of which are in place to prevent either of you from ending up in an emotional pitfall.

To help guide you through these laws, we enlisted Jo, Layla and Lana — some of our hottest friends to give you a crash course on casual coitus.

Now that you've enjoyed a little video action, go ahead and divulge in the tips and tricks provided by the lovely Jo, Layla, and Lana.

What Does "Friends With Benefits" Mean To You?

What’s Your Experience Of Friends With Benefits?

Any Tips On Making Sure You Don’t Get Attached?

What Sort Of Person Makes A Good FWB?

How Should A Guy Ask A Girl If She’ll Be His FWB?

Can You Have More Than One Friend With Benefits?

Is There Anything FWBs Can Do That Loved-Up Couples Can’t?

From the lips of beautiful women to your ears, guys! Follow these rules and you can do no wrong. Don't follow these rules and expect a whole lot of unnecessary complications from hooking up with a friend. Remember, the goal is to have no strings attached. Don't be the idiot who adds all the strings!

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