Boyfriends Beware: Study Finds The Most Unfaithful Day Of The Year Falls This Weekend

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No matter what way you slice it, cheaters suck. The lies, the deceit, the excuses — it's not a good look on anyone and we hope you haven't had too much experience dealing with these types in your life. If you have, we feel for you and we'd like to offer a little bit of advice in the name of statistics. The only thing worse than getting cheated on once, is getting cheated on twice. So here's hoping that doesn't happen, but you've gotta keep your eyes, especially this weekend!

According to Elite Daily, Illicit Encounters a website dedicated to pairing married people with willing participants claims that the most unfaithful day of the year falls on November 18. Go figure!

"The site has a 30 percent spike in traffic on that day, more so than any other day of the year, leading them to believe it's the last day people actually have time to cheat. In fact, 72 percent of the 300 survey participants found they'd be more likely to cheat on that day because there are less responsibilities right before the family holiday events."

Wow, human nature is pretty freakin' crappy, huh? But, it makes a lot of sense! At first, we thought 11/18 was totally arbitrary, but with the holidays coming up, we suppose it is hard for philanderers (both of the male and female variety) to find time for their affairs. Christian Grant, a spokesperson for Illicit Encounters says:

"In the weeks to come, they'll simply be overwhelmed with nativity plays, Christmas shopping, decorating, and of course, Christmas and New Year's. Their kids will have time off from school, and their familial responsibilities will take priority."

Geez, whoever says true romance is dead, well, they're right! This is a pretty dismal statistic that definitely supports the notion y'all should most likely just stay single throughout the holidays. Then again, if you're the one doing the cheating this doesn't apply to you (and you're a jackass).


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