We Recapped the Biggest Moments From 2017 Using "Would You Rathers..." Just Because

The year 2017 wasn't a particularly great year, especially when you look back at the biggest moments that defined the past 12 months. From hurricanes to mass shootings to the many f--kups in Washington, 2017 somehow managed to surpass the s--tstorm of 2016. But although there were plenty of headaches, every once and a while there were glimmers of excellence, from great TV shows to hilarious viral videos that made us crack up.

And sure, maybe we could be super lazy and uninspired and simply list those moments here for you like we didn't give a f--k. But that's not our style. Instead, we decided to recap the year's highlights using "would you rathers." Trust us, it's more fun this way. Below, a summary of 2017's biggest trends.