Bill Gates Proves He's An Ordinary Dude By Joining Instagram...Then Casually Donates $4.6 Billion To Charity

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At the end of July, we reported on Jeff Bezos, founder and CEO of Amazon, beating out Bill Gates for The Richest Man in The World title — for a whopping few hours anyway. When it comes to racking in the dough, there's really no one out there with the same staying (read: slaying) power as Mr. Gates. The best part? He's a bona fide humanitarian. The man has a serious Robin Hood complex, except instead of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor, he IS the rich. Don't get it twisted though, Bill is still a regular guy, just 5 days ago he joined Instagram, how pedestrian! He's already amassed 253k followers on Instagram—hm, that's not too ordinary. Well still, it's not like he did anything else outlandish and billionaire-like in the past week, right? Wrong! According to Bloomberg

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"Bill Gates made his largest gift since the turn of the century, giving away Microsoft Corp. shares that accounted for 5 percent of his fortune, the world’s biggest. The billionaire donated 64 million of the software maker’s shares valued at $4.6 billion on June 6, according to a Securities & Exchange Commission filing released Monday. While the recipient of the gift wasn’t specified, Gates has made the majority of his donations to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the charity he and his wife use to direct their philanthropic efforts."

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