Bill Gates Is On Track To Become World's First Trillionaire (But He May Not Want To Be)

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For as long as most of us have been alive, Microsoft co-Founder Bill Gates has routinely found himself among the wealthiest people, if not the richest person, on the planet. In fact, on Forbes' 2016 list of the "Richest Americans," Gates topped the rankings with a net worth of $81 billion.

Talk about a lot of loot for using his brain, right?

And while we would all be so lucky to earn $1 million at one point in our lives, Gates' wealth continues to grow... and grow... and grow, and he could become the world's first trillionaire by the time he's 86 years old in 25 years.

That's according to a report from Oxfam, who says the 61-year-old Gates—who has tried giving a bunch of his money away through his foundation and other philanthropic endeavors—could reach the 13-digit mark thanks to trends that occurred for billionaires since 2009.

The report claims that, in 2009, there were 793 billionaires in the world, with each seeing an annual growth of 11 percent to 2016, meaning, if Oxfam's math is correct, Bill Gates will reach one trillion by the year 2042.

“If these returns continue, it is quite possible that we could see the world’s first trillionaire within 25 years,” the report states.

"In such an environment, if you are already rich, you have to try hard not to keep getting a lot richer," the report says.

But, while Bill Gates could become the first person with a trillion dollar net worth, as someone who's part of "The Giving Pledge"—which is a commitment from some of the richest billionaires in the world to donate at least half of their net worth to philanthropy—he may never actually achieve the distinction because, frankly, he's not greedy.


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