Savage Buffalo Bills Fans Spotted Giving Fellatio IN THE STADIUM During Games

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Growing up in Northeastern Ohio, I've visited the city of Buffalo, oh, about two times in my life. Don't remember it much, other than that it was gloomy and gray during the visits, leaving me a little depressed about the damn trips.

Considering I was in first and, like, fourth grade when I went, I may want to reconsider the city nicknamed "The City of Good Neighbors" now that I'm older, because, holy shit, these people are absolutely savage motherf-ckers!

How else can I describe them after word leaked from multiple reports that Buffalo Bills fans weren't just getting busy, but they were doing so inside the stadium during the team's home game last week against the New York Jets!?! No joke!

Commonly referred to as "Bills Mafia" because of their insane stunts — like the dude who crushed himself after chugging a beer and jumping from a roof onto a table — Bills fans are, without a doubt, the most extreme in the NFL, doing things that most people with a pulse couldn't even imagine in their brains attempting.

Remember, these are the same people who threw a dildo onto the field last season and, oh yeah, were spotted banging in the parking lot back in 2015. In other words; Buffalo f-cks!

Anyway, check out the video below from The Fumble's YouTube, which talks about the "oral" history of one Bills fan in the women's bathroom last week.

As for an eye witness who was at the scene of the crime? Here are a few tweets from some fan named Ashleigh who saw the debauchery go down.

Man, talk about not giving a damn, huh?

Another fan actually tweeted another beej incident from inside the stadium in real-time...

Just when you thought you've seen it all — like the Denver Broncos fan using a prosthetic leg to look up women's skirts last year, or the Jacksonville Jaguars fan who was seen in the stadium pool with his hands down his pants —Buffalo Bills fans remind you that, nope, there are plenty of ratchet things they can find to outdo those rookie acts.

Hey, I guess this is just another reason why they call themselves Bills Mafia, huh?

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