Bills Mafia Continues To Wreak Havoc As Man Sets Himself On Fire During Tailgate (Video)

Image via Twitter

There are some raucous NFL fans in the world, but, let's face it, no one can even come close to the paranoia of the Buffalo Bills fans, who continue to do things that no human should do in support of a sports team. Seriously, these people are absolutely savage when it comes to tailgating, doing things each week that legit risk their lives all for the sake of a viral video — and one guy nearly became a piece of burnt BBQ meat before yesterday's game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

That's because this particular member of Bills Mafia did something that we highly do not recommend — body-slamming oneself onto a burning plastic table. As you might expect, the outcome of such a dumb move ended with the guy catching himself on fire. I mean, for his sake, he did survive, while also remembering the most critical fire safety maneuver: stop, drop and roll. Here's the idiotic move for your viewing pleasure.

For what it's worth, this isn't the first time a Buffalo fan has tried such a stunt, with another guy attempting the exact same thing during a tailgate last season — with the outcome being about the same. Hey, what can I say, Bills Mafia knows how to party!

So, what can we take away from this particular Buffalo Bills fans? Well, here are some lessons:

  1. No NFL team has crazier fans, so, to all you "wannabes" out there, just wave the white flag and surrender to those currently in Bills Mafia.

  2. There are two simple ways to put out a human being on fire: stopping, dropping and rolling and, who would've guessed, an ice cold beer.

  3. A foldable, plastic table isn't as sturdy as one might think, so body-slamming oneself onto it isn't highly recommended — unless you're getting paid to do so by the WWE — and even then, I'd have reservations.

  4. This is an important one: This guy had to go to work today, guys. So, sure, he's the talk of the Internet, but his skin has to a little burnt and his co-workers have to be wondering how the hell they can take him seriously during a presentation about sales goals after witnessing such an idiotic decision.

So, remember, while the Buffalo Bills may have lost four-straight Super Bowls during the early part of the '90s and haven't been to the playoffs since 1999, the team's fans are forever champions. Still, Bills Mafia, you be careful out there, because this type of torture can't be good for the human body.

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